Do not identify with your profession or degrees, they are merely small derivatives of your personality of a specific point in time; do not fix your house surgically to eliminate all traces of living when guests come; do not create a false sense of self based on your social media posts, look around your room and see who you really are; do not derive pleasure from the simplicity of your opinion or beliefs if they came to be the way they are by implementing a tunnel vision of perspective, instead ask yourself what is the other route; do not be biased through thinking other people are biased; do not think you are open minded if you compare it with the narrow mindedness of others, opened mindedness believes in openness of everyone, no matter how close they seem; do not think others are a threat to you, if this is the case then the only threat is yourself; do not laugh at others if you do not understand where they are coming from, not everything works the way you think; do not think you can do everything on your own, this leads to a lonely life without its solitary pleasures; do not think you found the solution towards a better society through getting together and complaining about how bad the current one is; do not work in terms of what you want in life, but what you want most - it is important to know which desire you will love enough so you let it win; do not think one truth excludes other possibilities of truths, approach truth as a state of superposition; do not think in terms of how things are, think in terms of how things relate to each other; do not be afraid of changing your opinion, be afraid of stagnating in one; do not speak bad of established institutions without first objectively understanding all that they are and stand for, eliminate your feelings when making this judgement; do not think you are different or more enlightened if you choose not to go with the direction everyone is going, specifically if your choice endangers people; do not define subculture as a group of people that go against the establishment, instead see it as something that moves differently from it; do not be cool, be hot full of life, burning potential, challenging questions and difficult paths of growth - embrace the heat that is attached to existence, do not try to freeze it; do not feel weird if you cannot participate in small talk, in fact, make them big. BE YOU without extensions or additions, just you - the living, breathing, ever-evolving, honest, multi passionate you.

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