Be aware of your space

Do I know my place in the world? Am I aware of the space I occupy? What do I understand by space? I feel in sync with the space around me? What is left over, what is missing? When was the last time I took my time to look around? Can I exercise observation? In what spaces do I transit? How do those spaces make me feel? I live where I want to live? Do I touch the earth? Do I feel physical?

  • Do a research about the place you’re living currently: search it in google maps/earth, Why the street have that name?, it was always a place for living? What was before? Who or to whom did it belong? What materials is it built from? What it was before humans take possessions of that place?
  • Observe trough your window, when was the last time you take your time to really observe it? What you see? What you feel about what you see?
  • Go for a walk around your street or block and take notes (visual or written) about what you see, the people, the plants, the signs, houses-buildings, the noise, the smell, the weather, etc. If an object of the street resonates with you, take it.
  • Observe your spaces where you transit: your room, your studio or working place, the living room, etc. What you feel in these spaces? It feels yours? What is left over or what is missing?
  • What are you today? Observe yourself and your day, be consciousness about: 1 smell, 1 flavor, 1 texture, 1 color, 1 sound. - Do something with that info: a poem, write a list, make a story, paint something, draw something, take a photo, etc. (repeat anytime you need it).
☯︎ Be aware of your space