in facilitation and gathering, there are strategies, techniques, sure. particular kinds of questions. workshops, exercises, methods of speech, practices.

but these days I think:

most of the work is energetic. it is about the nervous system, about the body, whether conscious or not, about co-resonating with a sense of presentness. I believe that this cannot be given, taught, structured, but perhaps is sometimes shareable if someone is listening, the same way that a harp can share its vibrancy with an attuned ear.

questions for the self, so one might share, or listen:

am I rested, have I eaten, drank water?
am I feeling grounded and resourced in this space?
am I grounded, regulated, feeling the center of my self in my body?
(no, but really, am I?)

what intentions do I have for this gathering?
do I know whatever hopes and expectations I might have been holding on to, despite myself, and if so, am I witnessing them them, fully?
(do I understand myself enough to understand why I might be holding the expectations I do, or at least, understand that I don't understand myself enough?)
am I simply holding an intention gently in the center of my palm, unattached to an image of a desired outcome?
am I open to the unknown and unexpected, letting myself move into the uncertainty of whatever may happen?
am I content to be with me, despite however others might exist and move, simply allowing and inviting possibilities?

no, but really;
no, but really, seriously, am I?

isn't this gathering going to go the way it goes?
won't that be a fascinating lesson, in of itself?

shall we see what happens?


gathering as energetic