its tuesday and ive decided to believe we have no organs or bones or anything inside us but rather are completely hollow and exist only on the line that might be called a silhouette. every time this emptiness is challenged, every time we’re cut open or sung to or held or in any way touched, the expectation of embodiment that follows temporarily and instantaneously induces itself into truth, and into what we accept as a default state of being, when really it is just a constant and continuous repeated induction of embodiment that keeps us embodied. for example, if you put your hand on mine it will stop at my skin, it will find itself capable of resting there instead of falling through, if i choose i can lift your hand with my own and carry it through space. but this is not grounds for assumption that the parts of our hands that are now in contact were made of hand material before they were in contact. reality (and this goes not just physically but on every level) is naturally pure concavity (hollowness hunger desire god there are a hundred words for it). when something concave touches something concave we have: )( and )( becoming )()( . this new shape is no longer two concave things adjacent to each other, but 2 convex things. one whole and connected ) () ( and one disconnected and split up around it ) () ( . when )()( is created, the union of two entities )( and )( discovers a transcendental third entity whose concavity has been inverted into convexness (everything in the universe is a binary either in the state of concavity or convexity btw). SO we have () which is convex. and thus convexity — flesh, meat, satiation, tangibility, edibility, love, violence, consumption, etc — is only a state or quality of being, which arises from the union of two concave/intagible/hollow entities. we think of ourselves as embodied, but this embodiment is only discursively produced from kiss and punch and utteration and twitch and memory of riding a bicycle and prayer for future embrace and everything else. in a vacuum we are vacuum. where there are two vacuum nozzles or two hungers or two lonelinesses, the oppositional sucking turns the sucked interstice inside-out into our lived reality. anyway i think it would be interesting and maybe fun also to think this sometimes

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