In spiritual practice you eventually realize “your intelligence” is this tiny ridiculous window of half-thoughts you repeat over and over like a madman, and that all intelligence is this huge unseeable thing that’s holding you, like floating in the ocean, and you just relax.

@nayanikaaa @G_y_tri How we make sense of the world to ourselves is also like this. We think it’s this understanding we’re constructing actively and holding/communicating.

But really we don’t have to hold it. Something larger than us holds it, enriches it, offers it up.

@nayanikaaa @G_y_tri And that ineffable thing holds our entire being, and everything that exists. We’re not responsible for any of it.

Realizing this directly (not merely thinking it) makes available an all surpassing sense of freedom/safety.

May 19, 2023, 2:25:50 PM