Data design minor.
Internet & digital age artist.
Sold his DNA data (€11.000)

Artistic Research;
First Diverge then Converge = <|>

Find other methods of research such as:
Visual research
Field research
'People' research (not a good name atm)
Participatory research

Research divided:

  • Deskresearch
    Reading books, articles, podcast about ur topic.
    Content sources / Referential sources should be balanced
    Content = books, interviews etc.
    Referential = artistic work.
    Questions could be:
    Who are speaking?
    Who is creating?
    Who are influential?
    What media?

  • Visualresearch
    View, analyse, collect, link, organize images about ur topic.
    Examples: (observation methods (process))
    11th of october Coralie Vogelaar talk
    Questions could be:
    Which images are typical?
    What are unwritten rules for these images?
    How are they constructed?

  • Field research
    Data collecting when people/objects are in their natural environment.
    Herman de Vries (natuur)
    Jon Rafman (kool aid second-life tour promo 2009) (field research on google maps)
    Jeroen van Loon RTFM (WIP)
    Questions could be:
    Where could you go?
    Why there, with which goal? Who or what do you want to observe?
    What could you find, collect. store from that place?

  • "People" Research
    Talking to others, interviews, tasks, documenting everything.
    examples: (mturk)
    Questions could be:
    What kind of people? Do they make sense for ur project?
    How could you use other people?
    Can you ask people to do something?

  • Participatory research:
    Create alter ego, ask yourself.
    Milou Backx - artificial dumbness
    Q's could be:
    What actions in reallife could highlight your statement?
    Which locations or people could be involved?
    What artistic research could also be a function?

Find the research method that fit the needs of your project.