My composition and animation describe the activities of The Water Sprinkling Festival aim to represents a lively atmosphere during the festival and make people experience the Dai culture of China.
In my composition there are some Kongming lanterns in the sky, which reflect the festival is coming. I positioned a quarter circle shape on the right side of the frame and add the map of Yunnan region into it to represent the festival is held in this area. The other 3 elements on the ground are elephant (representative animals of Yunnan), stilted house(local house)and mountain(local scenery), which are characteristic of this area. At the front is a peacock with a Dai girl splashing water. The ‘Dai girl’ was from an famous heavy-color painting by Shaoguang Ding, which was in strong minority style of China. I played with the FDP of ‘balance’(asymmetry) 、scale & proportion. The bottom right shape balanced by small lanterns top left, which make the composition more dynamic-embody the interesting festival. The scale of peacock with Dai girl is the biggest in these elements, which enhance a sense of space.
My animation also aims to render the vivid scene of this festival. It begins with the lanterns in the sky, which looks like the camera move from the top down. For the appearance of other elements, I made a lively bounce. For the effect of splashing water, I watched relevant video and applied the particle system. Finally the spilt water converges into a river and make the area float on the water, which means Yunnan is surrounded by water. To make the water’s fluctuations more realistic, I used fractal noise in AE. Finally the camera zooms in on the water until the ripples arise. For the color of ripples I used a light ton because the reflection of Yunnan illuminates the water.
Generally,the biggest challenge for me was to do something amazing with AE. In the future I also need to try and practice more in making composition.