Iceland Folklore

Worship of waterfalls : "becoming wise under waterfalls". Sat near waterfalls when wanting to see the future.

As well as across antiquity, reports of sacred wells & springs, known for healing, to which people would bring offerings.

A desire to be buried where the sun was first seen in the morning and last seen at night.

Ghosts and Elves are widely believed. So is shape shifting. And ogres and ogresses.

Some people possess prophetic powers through dreams, presentiment and or visions. Omens are varied and language of birds play an important role too in getting knowledge on the future.

Sitter-outers - a term to describe sitting out all night at a cross road at a specific season to obtain prophetic powers or other supernatural knowledge (usually from elves). When sitting out the sorcere should ave an axe in his hands, stare at the edge and not look either left or right, whatever appeared to him and give no answer if anything was said to him. The elves would then come and say what he wanted to know.

People would stare into pieces of lass and see far away places.

There is great faith the power of words spoken with inspiration or heat of spirit. "there was a belief in the supernatural power of poetry". Poems as incantations. "poets of power"

The interpretation of dreams has been much practiced in Iceland. it was thought to be a good thing to live a solitary life where there was little to distract the mind . In Iceland there has been among people a whole symbolic system of dream interpretation from early times to the present (in which names of persons and certain words play an important part, as also do certain natural phenomena).

Witches and seeresses of old used to go into a kind of trance. (solitary life) -- emphasis laid on concentration, concentrating the mind on something or staring at something. solitude, silence and tranquility are needed.

Circles and singing songs. Cut a circle in the ground to make contact. You can defend yourself from evil spirits by cutting a circle in the ground round oneself.

Everything that goes clockwise or with the sun is natural, and much power goes with walking clockwise in a circle if you do it three times.

Dark blue and grey are the colours of the hidden world. Red is associated with the blackest magic