What is the data you would like to track?
TikToks sent between me and my friend.

How ~soft~ do you think this data is? In other words, how fuzzy, or subjective do you think it is?
It is all pretty fuzzy. The emotions I feel and reactions we have to each TikTok is very fuzzy. The TikToks themselves are less fuzzy, but still fuzzy because we are picking them and sending them to each other for a reason.

Why are you interested in tracking this data?
We send each other about 20-30 TikToks a day and I’m interested in seeing the topics we are discussing and my emotions that go with them. I’m curious to see if there are any trends and how the TikToks affect my mood.

What insights do you think this data will reveal?
How long I spend on TikTok (definitely too long), the common topics my friend and I discuss through TikTok, my mood in relation to TikTok

What do you think this data will look like? (for example, if you are tracking the number of hours you sleep, do you think you get about 8 hours per night?)
I expect my reactions will consist mostly of laughter.

How are you going to collect this data? (For example, I'm going to use a fitness app to track my walking data or I'm going to carry a small notebook with me everywhere I go so I can write down everytime I think of my partner)
The TikToks and reactions will be recorded in my text messages and at the end of each day I will move these to a Google Sheet.

How will you record this data? (i.e. an excel spreadsheet, handwritten notes, etc)
Google Sheet

If you were to put this data in a spreadsheet, what might the column headers be? For example, if I track my text message conversations, I might have a heading for the date, the time, the subject matter (one of five predesignated categories), and the recipient.
Sender (Isabel, Ayashe)
My Physical Reaction (Laughter, Smile, Anger, Sadness, Annoyance)
Text Reaction of Receiver (HAHA, Heart, Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up, Emphasized, Questioned, Replied)