things that i think about when it comes to education and learning:

1) is institutionalized education useful?

2) can we separate learning from education?

3) how?

4) can we separate the obligation of productivity from learning?

5) are usefulness, productivity, and education elitist and neoliberal concepts? (elitist as in qualifying the importance of an extremely privileged class of production, as well as qualifying personal worth based on education and productive "learning")

6) to what degree has engrained (ingrained?) neoliberalism helped us (if any) and how has it hindered us in learning

7) how should your values inform your learning—or should they even?

8) are rules helpful?

9) does learning need to be fulfilling? is fulfillment another neoliberal illusion?

10) learning's association to education and institutions and productivity makes it seem like a Safe Space and is used often as a scapegoat or as a last resort to stave off responsibility, etc.—when learning is one of the most deeply radical and unsafe things to do

11) maybe design should be extinct or obsolete as a wholly separate discipline—thinking about devaluation of design Work, thinking about "equalizing" or "democratizing" design through channels like "design thinking," etc., perhaps what really assigns false value is the delineation or discrimination of separate disciplines... holistic thinking becomes unholistic if you assign a field to it... but also, the idea of assignation of value or qualification of a field is deeply problematic...

12) is the existence of power structures/dynamics/the idea of handing DOWN knowledge or passing it on useful? or is the idea of contributing to a shared pool a more useful analogy for learning?

13) is co-learning just the illusion of agency? like how nikelab is the illusion of customization etc?