Summer’s over and school’s in session. A semester of formal education to some will be a season of informal learning to others. Growth continues on all sides, not linear but inevitable. is a unique place to watch insight grow, whether by intention or accident, in carefully tended plots and in wild patches by the side of the information superhighway. Classes come together, open-ended collections come into maturity, and people discover new affinities between thoughts. We have the good fortune to share the harvest.

Here’s a collection of channels from many different learning pathways: studio programs, shared reading lists, lecture classes, unschooling experiments, self-organized workshops, and wide-open questions on pedagogy.

Alternative Education

Southland Institute

A Los Angeles workshop and resource center dedicated to exploring, identifying, and implementing meaningful, affordable, sustainable alternatives to higher education in art and design in the United States.

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Free School of Architecture

A participant-led, six week event committed to the free exploration and exchange of ideas in and around architecture, freed from traditional pedagogical and professional frameworks.

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Learning Gardens

A meta-organization for non-institutional learning groups.

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Lukas W / Effective Pedagogy

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Roberto Greco / Unschooling

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Sara Kaaman / making school

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Teaching on

Elizabeth Yarina / Agency of Mapping

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Daniel Lefcourt / RISD EFS

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Callil Capuozzo / exercises that are antidotes to boring classes

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Resource channels

Teaching on

A growing, open collection of class channels (feel free to add your own!)

Design Education Resources

Tips, free tools, inspiration, syllabi, PDFs, and more

Self-Directed Learning Tools

An archive of channels dedicated to DIY education strategies Dispatch is a biweekly selection of new blog posts and notable channels, selected by the team and community. Subscribe here.