Open call for Pitches for the 2024 Annual

Richard Long, Walking a Circle in the Midst, Scotland 1986. [A black and white image of a misty beach and circle in the sand, presumably made by walking.]

Each year, we put together a book of essays, interviews, and other contributions by members of the community. We ask for submissions around a given theme — past anthologies have been themed “tend” “portal” and “service” — that take root in a channel. In that way, the writings are another manifestation of the kind of thinking and research that takes place on

The Annual 2023, “service.” Cover by Rohan Chaurasia. [The cover image against a black background. The cover has an imprint or outline of a person pulling at a rope. The colors are yellow, green and a bit of fuchsia, almost like spray paint — the image as a whole looks out of focus and a little blurred.]

This year, we’ve landed on the theme “trace,” as in to find or discover through investigation; to copy, sketch, or superimpose; a mark, a sign, an inkling, a glimpse.

As always, this theme should be taken more as guidance than restriction — we’re curious what “trace” brings up for you. We also made this open channel to collect ideas, lines of thought, and potential directions (feel free to add to it). You might look to some of last year’s pieces as examples: The Instability of Stone by Morgan Strahorn, Wild Domesticity by Alice Yuan Zhang, and ASDFGHJKLKGJL by Tiger Dingsun are all now up on the blog. We’ve also published fiction, poetry, recipes, and pieces that weave together text with imagery, or otherwise don’t fit into a conventional format.

Submissions close June 1, 2023. The Annual will publish in December, and published authors will receive a $100 honorarium. 

Here’s the process for pitching: 

1. Choose a channel that you’d like to expand upon in a piece of writing OR create a channel expressly for this purpose. (If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up here:

2. Use the theme “trace” to guide you in your selection. Trace, as in to find or discover through investigation; to copy, sketch, or superimpose; a mark, a sign, an inkling, a glimpse.

3. Write a short paragraph detailing what you’d like to write about. What’s the main idea and how does it relate to the theme? Why are you interested in writing about it? What format do you envision it taking? Note: No particular writing experience is required, just a strong idea and willingness to collaborate / work with an editor. 

4. Fill out this form to send the paragraph and a link to your channel by June 1, 2023 and we’ll respond (to everyone) shortly thereafter. Feel free to share with anyone who may be interested!

Meg Miller is editorial director at